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Make the stage your own.
Live music should be a visual experience. Our range of high-impact custom printed backdrops and stage dressings give your show just the impact it needs. It's not just bands and musicians who benefit from our products - they're great for theatre, comedy, corporate events, exhibitions and trade shows.

For those about to rock.
It’s not just about rock.

You should look as good as you sound. Whether you’re playing the local pub or headlining festivals, our backdrops will help make your show extra special.

Our products are great for theatre, comedy, corporate events, exhibitions, trade shows, parties, magicians, red carpet events...


Backdrops for pubs,
bars and clubs
Backdrops for small
and medium sized venues
Backdrops for larger stages
and festivals
Freestanding backdrops and

jack of all stands

Jackstands are our freestanding banner solution.
Simply combine with one of our backdrop products for a quick, easy and cost effective display solution.

Jackstands are great for amp scrims and stage dressing, step and repeat photo backdrops for red carpet events, exhibitions, event branding and much much more. Jackstands pack down for easy transportation, and can be assembled in under two minutes.